Hardware Department


Nuts, bolts and screws – the backbone of any good hardware department. But really, it’s so much more.

We carry a wide assortment of door locks and grip sets in the newest technology (fear not - we also have the trusty original style that take a key too!), a plethora of shelving styles and options, sliding door hardware (that barn door you’ve seen on Pinterest and been wanting to try? Check out aisle 25!), 3M hooks, Velcro, castors… the list goes on! And if we don’t have it – we can get it. With the expansive selection offered by our vendors our ability to find what you need beats our competitors any day.

Contractors: GRK, Simpson Strong Tie, and PAM are just the beginning for a long list of what we have to offer you.

Oh, and if that isn’t quite enough: we also cut keys.

Hardware – it’s more than just nuts and bolts!


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